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Turbopac™ 3000 Series

Lag-Free™ air charging for medium sized and large displacement engine applications.

The Turbopac™ 3000 Series system is an electrically powered supercharger that digitally monitors the demand for power and delivers it instantly to the engine during peak demand periods.

The Turbopac™ 3000 Series can be optimized for applications for a variety of system voltages, pressures, flows and duty cycles. The Turbopac™ 3000 Series is available in 24 volt configurations.

Turbodyne’s Turbopac™ 3000 Series product line is designed to meet the demanding operating environment of medium and large displacement diesel engines that require higher torque and increased horsepower at low level RPMs.


  • Improves Overall Performance (Torque & Horse-Power)
  • Improves Acceleration
  • Enhances Drivability
  • Optimizes Fuel/Air Ratio
  • Improves Fuel Economy
  • Lowers Emissions
  • Improves Opacity (Reduces Visible Smoke)
  • Consistent Performer with Long Life (Minimal Degradation)
  • Simple Installation

Air Charging On Demand

The Turbopac™ 3000 Series is an electronic supercharger that uses electrical power for short periods of time for initial acceleration , passing and low level RPM combustion optimization. The Turbopac™ 3000 Series is capable of significantly eliminating emissions of partially combusted fuel. The Turbopac™ 3000 System will provide a first stage Lag-Free™ high velocity boost of clean air that provides a smoother acceleration curve for turbo charged diesel applications.

A digital sealed motor controller provides current to a Permanent Magnet Brushless DC motor. The motor is directly coupled to the compressor which spools up to operating speed in a fraction of a second.

When the Turbopac™ 3000 system is applied, more oxygen is available for optimized combustion during the otherwise fuel rich operating period, resulting in reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption during peak demand. The intake air is pressurized and the supercharged air is fed directly into the engine.

Turbopac™ systems do not experience degradation in the form of reduced performance and additional emissions due to engine oil leakage into the exhaust and intake, a common problem that persists in traditional turbocharging applications.