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High Performance Modification

You want air? You got it! If “off the line” torque and horsepower is what you’re hungry for, the Lag-Free™ feature of the TurboPac™ Air on Demand Charging System will launch your gasoline powered engine right to freedom. A race buckle is recommended so you go along for the ride.

Instantaneous Lag-Free™ air charging is critical to high performance applications. The TurboPac™ System optimizes fuel combustion by instantly charging a high velocity boost of clean air into the manifold. Partially combusted fuel at low level RPM contributes to a significant waste of time. Fuel injection atomization is significantly optimized when Lag-Free™ air charging is applied. Lag-Free™ means higher torque and more horses. Your engine has capabilities you’ve never dreamed of. Why not exploit them?

The application of motor driven centrifugal air charging to raise performance at low level RPM does not drain internal combustion engine power the way that parasitic turbochargers do as the freedom of an electric motor is what makes the Lag-Free™ feature of the TurboPac™ possible. The independence of electrically driven Lag-Free™ air charging is what maximizes torque and horsepower off the line.