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Retrofit for Diesel Fleets

Partially combusted fuel contributes a significant amount of CO2 emissions. This condition is especially experienced by vehicles that operate largely in the early stages of the driving cycle such as city and school buses, construction, waste hauling and local delivery vehicles. The TurboPac™ 3000 Series for diesel eliminates a substantial amount of CO2 emissions. The Lag-Free™ feature of the TurboPac™ 3000 Series enables cleaner, more efficient and improved fuel combustion which is critical to lowering fuel costs for fleets of heavy duty diesel vehicles.

The Lag-Free™ feature of the TurboPac™ 3000 Series provides increased horsepower and torque at low level RPM. The application of motor driven centrifugal air charging to raise performance at low level RPM does not drain internal combustion engine power the way that parasitic turbochargers do as the freedom of an electric motor is what makes the Lag-Free™ feature of the TurboPac™ possible. The independence of electrically driven Lag-Free™ air charging releases the restrictions of parasitic configurations and is what maximizes torque and horsepower.

If your concern is saving fuel costs, email our team at fleets@turbodyne.net and they will provide a 5 year cost benefit analysis which will prove that a retrofit is a far more valuable alternative to a conversion or a new fleet.